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Hawai‘i: Saving Species
Galápagos: Islands of Change
Baja California, Mexico: Field Methods
Paraguay: Eco-Leadership
Costa Rica: Neotropical Ecology
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Mongolia: Steppe Ecology & Civic Media
India: Species, Deities, & Communities
Guyana: Local Wisdom & Conservation
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Amazon: Avian & Tropical Ecology
Thailand: Buddhism and Conservation
Namibia: Great Cat Conservation
Belize: Approaches to Environmental Stewardship
Kenya: Wildlife & People in Integrated Landscapes

Appeared November 2016

In "Zoo Quests: Public Engagement Success at the Bronx and Central Park Zoos" Advanced Inquiry Program graduate Bricken Sparacino reports on the "Zoo Quests" public engagement experience which was implemented at the Bronx and Central Park Zoos in 2015. Through staff collaboration, the program uses interactive characters, an adventure club and participant surveys to enhance visitor expericence through in-person interactions fostering greater connections to wildlife. With the high ratings among zoo visitors, the Zoo Quests program continued the next year at Bronx and Central Park Zoos and has expanded to other nearby zoos and aquariums.

Appeared 2017

In "Wild in the City" Advanced Inquiry Program graduate Emily Stoeth examines the importance of urban environmental exploration for students and teachers.

Appeared 2016

In "The Plastic Breakdown" Global Field Program student Nicole Warren involves her local community, the North Carolina Aquarium staff and Aquarium Teen Ambassadors in mapping marine litter. Through their efforts, a total of 1,315 pieces of marine litter were collected and mapped -- illustrating the locations of marine debris concern for the Atlantic Beach community. The beach cleanup and marine debris sampling also helped increase awareness and discussion among the teen ambassadors in identifying long-term solutions including adding trashcan lids, offering recycling and creating a campaign to reduce cigarette litter.

Appeared 2016
Published in Animal Keepers' Forum

In "Walrus Conservation: Connecting Research and Zoo Keepers" Advanced Inquiry Program graduate Elizabeth Miller examines the extensive history of walrus populations in human care and successful walrus breeding programs to help inspire and empower zoo keepers to build on their basic roles of animal care vital to instilling a sense of wonder and responsibility for walruses and other endangered species.

Appeared 2016
Published in Animal Keepers

In "Utilization of Zoo Enclosures in Capuchin and Spider Monkeys" Advanced Inquiry Program graduate Laura Danielczyk compares overall movement and time resting of capuchin and spider monkey in zoo enclosures.