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Appeared Spring 2015
Published in Zoological Association of America

Animal care technician, long-time Wild Wonders volunteer and GFP student Laura Marx asks: Are we really making a difference in learning, understanding and caring for wildlife and the environment? In Science Comes Alive: Impact of Animal Ambassadors in the Classroom, Marx provides results that support the need for animal ambassador programs which can be beneficial in reaching children from diverse backgrounds who may not have access to such learning experiences.

Appeared November-December 2014
Published in Solutions

Chicago Zoological Society--Brookfield Zoo AIP student Dave Coulter discovers an "old friend" in hedgerows. Well managed hedgerows have great potential to positively affect biodiversity, according to Life in the Margins: The Role of the Post-Modern Hedgerow.

Appeared November 2013
Published in Animal Keeper's Forum

Chicago Zoological Society--Brookfield Zoo AIP student Brande Redfield surveyed zoo guests at the Crosley Zoo in Wheaton, Illinois, on the question: Has the zoo-going public been better educated to the conservation needs and efforts of large wild cat species or small wild cat species? Survey results in Wild Cat Conservation Needs: An Examination of Public Perception showed that zoo guests not only displayed a greater knowledge of large wild cats than small wild cats, but that they were also more familiar with non-native wild cats that they were with the wild cat species that could be found in the their own backyards.

Appeared Jan. 14, 2015
Published in the The Woodinville Weekly

Anna Busse and Sarah Crumb are featured in The Woodinville Weekly for earning their biology degrees through the Advanced Inquiry Program at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo.

Anna Busse showing an Aplomado falcon at the Woodland Park Zoo Raptor Center

Download the PDF article on Busse and Crumb

Appeared Winter 2014-15
Published in the Audubon Miami Valley

Global Field Program student Jordan Findley follows her dreams thanks to Audubon Miami Valley Rosie Bloom Scholarship. In Baja trip helps Bloom Scholar follow her dreams, Findley shares her experiences of living life to the fullest in the unique desert canyons of Rancho San Gregorio and in the breathtaking waters of the Sea of Cortez.