Brazil - Saving Golden Lion Tamarins
Galápagos: Islands of Change
Baja California, Mexico: Field Methods
Paraguay: Eco-Leadership
Costa Rica Ecology & Ecotourism
Hawai‘i: Saving Species
Queensland, Australia: Great Barrier Reef
Mongolia: Steppe Ecology & Civic Media
India: Species, Deities, & Communities
Guyana: Local Wisdom & Conservation
Borneo: Primate Conservation
Amazon: Avian & Tropical Ecology
Thailand: Buddhism and Conservation
Namibia: Great Cat Conservation
Belize: Approaches to Environmental Stewardship
Kenya: Wildlife & People in Integrated Landscapes

All Earth Expeditions students are required to have a valid email address and access to a computer with Internet connection. The reason is that all students also interact via an easy-to-use Web platform. From home or work on their own schedule, students work on the Web with course instructors and classmates to discuss course assignments, develop and present projects, and exchange ideas.

Although our courses have technological requirements, lacking email and a computer with Internet access will not hinder your chance of being accepted to the program. If you are accepted to Earth Expeditions, we can help you establish a free email address. Remember that the Web component of this course is on your own time, so you may be able to use a computer with Internet access in your school's library or at a public library. Don't let the technological requirements bar you from applying. But remember that you'll need to have access to a computer with Internet capability from one to three hours a week.